Mirador Reviews the Fall Play: The Secret in the Wings


Stewart Fetzko, Staff Writer

Wednesday, November 1, Miramonte’s fall play The Secret in the Wings by Mary Zimmerman premiered in the Miramonte theatre. The play was executed beautifully, with stunning costumes, captivating background sets, and incredible acting from Miramonte drama students. 

On Wednesday, the Miramonte auditorium was packed full of eager students, parents and staff ready to engross themselves in the thick plot. The Secret in the Wings was different from most Miramonte performances. The play was composed of numerous short stories as told through the perspective of a neighbor who is watching a child while her parents attend a dinner party. The enriching plot of the play consists of many popular fairy tales such as Three Blind Queens, Stolen Pennies, The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh, Three Snake Leaves, Allerleria, and Seven Swans. “This type of play was really interesting, just the way it was told was really cool, I felt like I was always having to keep track of every little detail,” sophomore Marius VanDongen said.

The stories took place in different environments such as caves or woods, which demanded a diverse set of props as well as background staging. “Making the scenes was a lot more fun than I thought it would be,” sophomore Carter Ireland, a member of the Miramonte StageCraft group said.

Many audience members were impressed with the presentation of the play. “It is really impressive how three different classes came together to create this play. From the set crew to the performers, I thought this play was really a milestone for Miramonte performances,” junior Andrea Libby said. Not only did students enjoy the play, but drama teacher Heather Cousins, was very proud of the production she and the drama students put on for the audience.