Families Celebrate Easter with Fun Traditions

Libby Hawkins and Emerson Bohlig

As Spring rolls around there is a lot to look forward to; summer growing closer, days getting warmer, and celebrating various holidays such as Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. This year Easter is on April 12, Easter is a Christian holiday, however, you do not need to be Christian to celebrate or participate in the Easter festivities. Some of the most memorable Easter activities include Easter egg decoration, and hunting, brunch, and of course all of the sweets that come along with it. “Roughly eight in 10 U.S. adults plan to celebrate Easter, spending an average of $151 per person on everything from clothing and candy to cards and flowers,” National Retail Federation said. 

Easter egg decorating is a fun activity for all ages. The materials you need are very minimal, there are hundreds of different kits that include everything you need such as dye, stickers, patterns, and examples. Once you decorate the Easter Eggs make sure to leave them out so that come Easter morning you can search for these eggs in the Easter Egg hunt. 

The fun of sweets and Easter eggs is not the only thing that fills the day. Many families come together to celebrate the festive holiday. These traditions bring families closer together and it is a way to see relatives you don’t get to see a lot. 

A classic activity for Easter morning is an Easter egg hunt. Grab your Easter basket and search for the eggs, whether it has candy, little gadgets or money, it’s all part of the fun. Each family has their own way of Easter egg hunting. “All the eggs are filled with candy and money but the best egg to find is the golden egg. This egg has 100 dollars in it and whoever finds it gets the 100 dollars. It’s a great way for my family to come together on the holiday,” junior Kate Rochios said. An easter egg hunt is a great way for all age groups to interact in some holiday fun. 

After the Easter egg hunt, take a break and brunch! Easter brunch is a super fun way to celebrate, with some fantastic food. Bring family and friends to enjoy the fruits, pancakes, bacon and many other foods that fill families up.