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Insurgent Review

Insurgent Review

April 15, 2015

How to Get Signed Out of School

Margaret Ross, News Editor

April 9, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

Everyone has those days when you just, well, can’t even. Maybe you have a test you didn’t study for or an assignment due that you didn’t do. Maybe you’re tired or craving Whole Foods. I know the feeling. After nearly four...

How to Deal With Rejection Letters

Spencer Hardwick, Social Media Director

March 10, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Top Stories

You already have a sneaking suspicion before you open the letter. It is one of the small ones, but you don't know if this could be good or bad. You open the letter slowly, careful not to damage the potentially life changing news...

Second Semester Senior Activities

Meghan Rogers, Opinion Editor

March 6, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Top Stories

The idea that being a second semester senior is all fun and games is mostly untrue. Despite the myths, teachers still assign you homework up to your eyeballs. However, seniors often find their level of dedication wavering as time...

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